Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Divineity Fashion Inc. is a clothing brand creating positive change through fashion and the arts. Our mandate is to specifically work with low-income women to support them through economic empowerment, education, skills training, and business mentorship.


From inception Divineity Fashion Inc. has actively supported community groups and agencies whose organizational purposes are to advocate for the rights and safety of minority women in Canada, in indigenous and immigrant communities, who are victims of domestic abuse.


  • Over this past year, we have seen great advancements and progress in the clothing manufacturing sector among low-income women both in Canada and Africa.
  • How? Because of your support & amazing style. You have given back to the women and families by creating more jobs and showcasing the incredible craftsmanship and style of women.
  • This year, you’ve helped us hire various creative women in Nigeria. Approximately 200 people (women and their families) have been directly impacted by your support through the community that is producing your garments. Our gratitude is immeasurable.


  • Domestic Violence (DV) and Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a prevalent social injustice that several women continue to face. It has been considered the most persistent human right violation in the world. We believe that no matter the circumstance, violence should never be endured.
  • Research demonstrates that not having financial empowerment could lead to an increased probability of experiencing IPV for non-empowered women. The women who participate in financial decision- making regarding either the income they earn or the income their partners earn, have a decreased probability of experiencing any type of IPV.


  • Over 200 people (women and their families) have been directly impacted, and our mission is to increase this number to 2,000 by 2023. It is so important to us to empower women because we believe if you give a woman a dollar she could feed a village.
  • So many women withstand domestic violence situations because they are economically incapable of providing for themselves and their children. Through our vision, we are able to empower them, one woman at a time.


Thank you for helping us move closer towards this goal & back to the heart and inspiration of Divineity Fashion Inc.

If you are interested in giving towards this cause. You can send us an email info@divineityfashion.com or you can donate $10, $20 or $50 on checkout for a woman’s purchase of a sewing machine.

We look forward to expanding further to continue producing high-quality products, and protecting women, one outfit at a time.